Stevenage District Scout Council

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The Scout Network is the fifth and final section of the Scouting movement and is for 18-25 years old.

The Stevenage Tom Moore Network meet generally at least once a month in and around Stevenage for activities such as a Movie night, an evening hike and even a pizza decorating evening.

In addition we sometimes attend or run activities further afield such as Monopoly Runs in London and Cambridge and Quasar in Hemel Hempstead.

Chiltern Challenge

The first weekend of March and it's the the Annual Hertfordshire Scouts Chiltern Challenge competition run by Hertfordshire network. This year however Mother Nature had other ideas and provided a not so welcome sprinkling of Snow over Hertfordshire meaning the Competition was cancelled. With an empty campsite at our disposal we took full advantage and hosted the first Hertfordshire Network Winter Olympics; events included homemade sledges, snowball catapults and attempting to kart in the snow. Plus to round off a good weekend a Bronze medal for Tom Moore Network.

Summer Activities

In April Tom Moore network attended our first "Summer" activity at the Herts Sports Village in Hatfield. Along with other networks from the county we tried our hand at Netball, and despite not quite getting the hang of the warm up activity (who knew running forward catching a ball from the left and throwing it forward before continuing to run could be so tough!) we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening running around in the sunshine.

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